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Love That Mic! | The thrill of VO Work

I have worked out my fair share of Studio Center Total Production studios. My VO journey began in Richmond (where I won The Next Great Voice Talent!) and I worked out of that studio for a little over two years. Then I scooted on up to DC and while I auditioned and worked in theatre and film, I continued my VO out of that studio, in beautiful Georgetown. I've even worked out of the VA Beach headquarters studio and ONLY because I somehow manage to get called in for an audition at EVERY Christmas party! So when I'm done stuffing my face with cheesecake, I usually roll into one of those booths.

Now, I'm proud to be working out of the New York studio. Same agency, same production company, but in the big apple. I've been in for 4 gigs in the past two months and I'm feeling really good about that. My last national Spotify ad was for John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder collection, and I just did a solid round of demos for them again today! Just don't tell them their VO is a redhead! ;)

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