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Artistic Collectives | Renting Practice Rooms and Getting Vocal Mileage

Every time I meet with friends for a "jam sesh" I get SO much mileage for audition material, so much inspiration and confidence on my book, and I instantly feel more grounded. Whoduhthunk that sharing your work and shaking off the butterflies and dust is MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PERFORMING TO YOUR SUCCULENT PLANTS.

I wanted to share a small clip of Safer from First Date, a song I just added to my book. I had an idea for a riff, something I thought was motivated by the written music and the character's fire to pursue relationships with chutzpa rather than just play it "safe". My friend Denver on piano, encouraged me to try this choice I came up with, and I am so happy with it. As performers, we have to experiment and PLAY and rent out rooms at Ripley Grier while waiting to be seen for an EPA for nine hours so that we can have the confidence to sprint into our choices, not tiptoe. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little clip!

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