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Workshopping | Afloat at The Pipeline Festival

One of the things I love most about **NYC** is the ability to grow a family from one interaction. Most of the work i've been fortunate enough to do has been from being pulled into my next project from a former project. Which is, I think, the way it should be! Once you've worked with someone you deeply understand their artistic worth and see a part of their heart... but even moreso, if you find them a good person, the type of person you'd like to spend more time with and help see new stories come to fruition with, you've made a friend. An artist friend. How lucky are we? In between the close of Jupiter's Lifeless Moons and rehearsals for DIKE at New York Theatre Workshop, my former director (and goddess of all things theatre) invited me to help pre-workshop a new musical called Afloat, debuting at The Pipeline Festival by way of The Women's Project. Afloat is a new musical, music by Zoe Sarnak, and book by Emily Kazmareck, and directed by Ellie Heyman.

She had me in for some pre-rehearsals acting/singing/piddling around with music/sharing my thoughts. As I said in a previous post, New Works has taken a hold of me and I don't have any inclination for it to let go. Especially with stories about marginalized people, relevant works, and stories with compelling music. Afloat is all of these things and more

The show runs in The Pipeline Festival April 12th-14th and you'd be REMISS to miss it. Get your tickets here.

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