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New Works and Theatre/Art for Marginalized Voices has been my primary mission for the past few years, since just before I moved to New York. In recent months, it is impossible not to examine the focus of my passions and ask myself if I'm doing enough, if I'm using my privilege to lift the voices of people who experience prejudices I can't imagine, if I've been an advocate in the room for BIPOC and actively, loudly, been anti-racist.

Truthfully, I do need to do more. We can't simply announce we've decided to be anti-racist, we have to work, have difficult conversations, educate ourselves constantly. Anti-Racism is a daily practice and a choice. We are in a tumultuous chapter of unrest, a time where more than ever, art imitates life. It feels surface level and unconstructive to share recent quarantine-savvy projects and not use my voice or this website for what matters most. Black Lives Matter. Here are a few resources if you want to help, learn more about Activism in the Arts, or want to donate to victims of police brutality and racism. I've also taken the recent Broadway for Black Lives Matter workshop and have screen-capped the pledge below, which I have signed. Learn more at Justice for Breonna Taylor: Justice for Elijah McClain: Justice for George Floyd:

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